You, and a few other things we are thankful for

23 Nov You, and a few other things we are thankful for

Once a year thoughts of families throughout American turn to giving thanks — well, thoughts of giving thanks, enjoying a feast and football. It might be a better world if saying thanks were a part of everyday life, not just once a year event around a table laden with too much food. Still it is good to set aside a day to reflect on the things that have made 2016 special.

At Content That Works, we are thankful for you. Everyone on the Content That Works team is acutely aware that without you, our clients and supporters, CTW would not and could not be. Thank you.

Thank you for your business. Thank you for growing with us. Thank you for innovating with us to attempting new things like local native advertising. Thank you for sharing your ideas and best practices with us.

Content That Works has always been blessed with smart, loyal customers who have helped make us better. As we look forward to our 17th year in business we also look forward to working with you and your team. Together you help us understand your challenges and the opportunities that will fund all forms of local journalism in the future. Thank you.

On a personal note, I am thankful first and foremost for my family. For a variety of reasons their love and support has meant more to me than ever this year.

My wife Mary founded Content That Works with me in 2000. She worked tirelessly building the company and coaching our editorial team. She left only recently to pursue new opportunities. Her presence is sorely missed. Thank you.

My son Conor stuffed countless envelopes back in the day to get our old fashioned snail-mail promotions out the door and company off the ground. As a college student he spent a summer at the knee of Dan “Patio” Dalton learning the ins and outs of sales — and Dan’s unique brand of making it all fun. Conor literally grew up with Content That Works and saw more than enough to know this was not the business for him. Conor is now a data engineer for Airbnb, living the life in San Francisco. Thank you, Connor.

I am eternally grateful for the talented Content That Works team past and present. The current crew is a mix of young up-and-comers and seasoned veterans. It is an absolutely privilege to rub elbows with them, be challenged by them and grow with them every day. I am convinced it is our best, most talented, most dedicated team ever. It is exciting to see them work together to take Content That Works and themselves to the next level. Thank you team.

Through the years we have worked with many young people just launching their careers who brought energy, new ideas and enthusiasm to the organization. Some of them have gone on to accomplish great things in their careers and most all of them pursue lives well lived. Over the last 16 years I have learned much from my current and former colleagues, more than they ever learned from me. I am better for their enrichment of me. Thanks to all who have contributed to CTW since we started.

Finally, I am thankful for the support of Evening Post Industries and their team. EPI bought CTW earlier this year and since has invested time, effort and money to make Content That Works better and more competitive. It was our goal from day one to build a company that would outlast Mary and me. With the help and resources EPI brings to the table I am certain that will happen. Thank you EPI.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

No matter what your political ilk or social persuasion, the election season past underscored the need for a free and strong press in America. Content That Works still believes that strong local journalism makes strong communities and strong communities are the foundation upon which this great nation is built. Thank you America for being America, a great nation already that most certainly can be better with the help of a free, prosperous and unencumbered press.

Everyone on the CTW team is proud to be part of the process that will find ways to fund local journalism now and well into the future. We are grateful to you for allowing us the opportunity.

Thank you for your support. And may this Thanksgiving bring you and yours together in peace, harmony and optimism about the future — your future and the future of our nation.

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