Winning Against Long Odds

29 Apr Winning Against Long Odds

nate-robinsonI am a basketball fan, specifically a Chicago Bulls fan, largely because the Bulls play more like a scrappy college team than coddled NBA zillionaires. The Bulls probably should have lost Game Four in their playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets Saturday, but prevailed in a gritty triple overtime hustle-fest. It was an inspiring performance.

“The game wasn’t going our way, and our guys just kept battling,” explained Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. “Our team showed a lot of toughness.”

Many unlikely heroes contributed to the outcome. The most unlikely of all, 5’9” Nate Robinson scored 34 points.

“I’m just a fierce competitor,” Robinson said of his performance. “I hate to lose and love to win.”

Sports clichés are greatly over worn in business.

Still, in the face of unprecedented challenges, battling against long odds, toughness, team effort and a desire to win are traits to be nurtured and cherished in our organizations.