Why your company should get in the Halloween spirit ASAP


26 Oct Why your company should get in the Halloween spirit ASAP

There is still time before October 31st rolls around and, unless you run a Halloween store, your company doesn’t have to go overboard in order to participate. In fact, today is National Pumpkin Day so get out there and snapchat a picture of a pumpkin! Better yet – have a pumpkin carving or decorating contest at your office this week to celebrate the season. Why is this important? While Halloween itself likely has nothing to do with your company or the products/services you offer, participating in, recording and sharing your fun Halloween activities on social media can have more positive benefits than you think.

1. Company culture

Posting a video of your office having fun not only shows prospective employees and clients that you are authentic and fun to work with, but keeps your employees happy. It gives the impression that your company is modern, especially since so many companies do not participate. This could be anything from a Halloween lunch party to a costume contest to pumpkin or office decorating. Participating in fun events helps people feel valued and comfortable with their work environment. I remember reading about one company that let employees vote for what costume the CEO would wear for Halloween. Think outside of the box and make it interactive.

2. You live outside the bubble

On Monday, a vast majority of people will search the internet for Halloween related topics. Whether it’s pictures from weekend parties or adorable kids in costumes, Halloween will be a trending on social media. Not every post should be Halloween related (unless you already created an awesome campaign around it), but use it at least once to acknowledge the holiday and show that your company isn’t living in a bubble. Pop it and be a part of the world. Social media is about connecting with the community and your community will be focused on Hallows Eve.

3. Create Halloween fun on social

Give your followers an inside look at your employees having holiday fun, but also give them a way to join in the fun, too. This can be done in the form of a contest or by asking a simple question such as, “What candy bar are you stealing from your child’s trick or treat bag tonight?” It also can relate to your company’s products/services, such as sharing a favorite ad or Halloween fun fact. Halloween-themed coupon codes could be a great way to launch that spooky sale you’ve been thinking about.

It’s time to put on your thinking cap and figure out how you can get your company – and your social media followers – in the Halloween spirit. Just don’t put on a clown mask – no one wants to see that this year.

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