Why you should never do native advertising


01 May Why you should never do native advertising

We know we keep telling you why you should do native advertising and how great it can be for a business. However, there are reasons your business should never do native advertising, especially if you hate making money. If any of the following apply, you should rethink your venture into native advertising.

You are never the leader in follow the leader

You were never the leader as a kid. When kids on the playground needed some advice, they definitely asked your sibling or best friend. It probably holds true for your business, too. By not doing native advertising, you can continue to enjoy not having people ask for your expertise about your industry. Native advertising makes the advertiser (who isn’t you) look like the expert in your community on a specific industry topic. Leave it to your competitors to dictate the market as the opinion leader in your community.

Warning: this may lead to more business for your competitors.

You treat your writing like it’s your secret diary

You secretly don’t want anyone to read your article for too long. Perhaps how much you know about your industry embarrasses you. It’s understandable – readers really like to delve deep into native ads. In fact, native ads account for more time spent on an advertiser’s message than other types of advertising, plus 86% of readers are OK with native advertising (INMA). If confidence in what you do is lacking, native advertising is certainly not the way to go. Leave that to the cool kids – your competitors.

You rent everything, even those shoes

You don’t actually want to own anything, literally or metaphorically. By doing native advertising, at least through Content that Works, you own the content in your native ad once it’s complete. This allows you to share it on your website, social media, blog – anywhere your business has a digital presence. It can be shared multiple times because the content is relevant to your services and business. In fact, 15-19% of millennials who are known for starting the sharing phenomenon felt more positive towards a brand if they have done native advertising (QSpons4). So what do you think – maybe owning a little bit of content is OK? You’re right, best not to rock the boat. It could be too much effort. Instead, keep sharing what others post with no advice of your own.

You like your marketing to be a game of where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

Just like that childhood diary you didn’t want your siblings to uncover, you now want your business to be hard to find. After all, if your prospective customers really need something, they will journey on the scavenger hunt of the web to find the information for which they are looking. Native advertising would be extremely useful in helping guide them to your site, making it too easy to find you and your services, especially with all of those pesky SEO benefits. In fact, some articles can be found at the top of the search page years later because the content was so topical to its industry. And since the native advertising article would link to your website, making it very easy for the prospective customer to get in touch with you, it’s likely not your thing. I know what you are thinking; it’s like putting all the Easter eggs right in the center of the lawn – too easy.

Clearly, if you fit into any of these categories native advertising is not for you because to generates the opposite effect. However, if you have decided native advertising is the way you want to boost your businesses revenue let us know if we can help.