Why Farhan Farah Inspires Us To Do What We Do

22 Oct Why Farhan Farah Inspires Us To Do What We Do

I had the pleasure of meeting the soft spoken, quick to smile, Farhan Farah today.

Farhan is originally from Somalia, but has lived in Chicago for five years.

He hates the winters.

He loves his wife and three children.

That’s why he’s in Chicago.

This morning he drove me from my home to Midway Airport in his taxi.

Farhan works 12 hours a day, seven days a week.

“I have a wife and three children — no choice but to work,” he says.

He just returned to the U.S. from visiting his wife and children, who still live in Somalia. He had not been there in two years. He never before held his now 2-year-old-son. He had not been able to hug his wife or his 11 and nine year old daughters since his last visit.

Instead he lives and works alone in Chicago to send as much money home as possible — two years straight, no break.

Despite having some cousins who live ihere, Farhan sometimes gets lonely.

His wife called him during my ride. She’s doing well he told me.

Farhan is a reminder of how much people from all over the world are willing to sacrifice in order to have an opportunity to make a life for themselves and their families in America.

Farhan is also a reminder of how hard so many people work just to make ends meet.

One day he hopes to bring his family to live here so his children can get a good education and have a bright future.

I hope he succeeds.

Like Farhan, we still believe in America. We believe that strong newspapers make strong communities. We believe strong communities are the foundation this great nation is built on. We believe that in some small way CTW can help newspapers like yours support your community: So that Farhan and the many others like him have hope that the future will be bright for their children.


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