Where Has This Blog Been?

17 Mar Where Has This Blog Been?

Today I am in Denver at the Newspaper Association of America’s MediaXchange. If you are in Denver please look me up. Although we don’t have a booth at this event we are meeting with many newspaper groups, mostly discussing their plans for native advertising/sponsored content and our new division that creates white-label, local native content.

The reason for the lack of blog posts recently is that we have been swamped.

Since announcing Native Advertising That Works and exhibiting at the Mega-Conference in Las Vegas, where our services were talked about from the stage, we have been in back-to-back-to-back meetings, learning from our clients about their plans for native advertising in their markets.

After several dozen conversations with both large and small organizations, we are more convinced than ever of two things about native advertising:


  1. There are no experts. Anyone calling herself/himself a native advertising expert is either smoking somethingorsimply blowing smoke. In every conversation so far the concept of and goals for native advertising have been different. Every deal we have signed has been specifically tailored to the needs of the customer and the unique characteristics of the marketplace. There are no best practices yet, just good ideas yet to be tried and proven.
  2. There is huge upside. Even in small markets native ad programs can mean tens of thousands of dollars in new digital revenue — this year. In larger markets it can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue.

If you are considering native advertising for your organization we would appreciate the opportunity to explore the topic with you. There is no cost for our consultation and certainly no obligation. We want to learn with you and help you become the native advertising expert in your market. Email me: paul@contentthatworks or phone our offices 773.728.8351 to set up an appointment.

There are stories to tell from our conversations, and I hope to clear the decks and be back here telling them soon.

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