What the World Needs Now . . .

10 Apr What the World Needs Now . . .

Are you where you thought you would be five years ago?

Me either!

The financial meltdown and ensuing recession, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the killing of children in Newtown, Conn., and on the streets of Chicago . . . The world is not the happy, friendly, hospitable place we would all like for it to be.

Then, just when you are on the brink of despair, ready to believe the world is at its end, something gives you hope. That something happened to me last week.

Amanda and Nick Dillman are responsible for lifting up my mood. They haven’t a clue they did it.

Nick and Amanda Dillman

Nick and Amanda Dillman

Amanda and Nick posted their wedding announcement on one of our client sites, The Southern Pines Pilot (NC), complete with a 3-minute video that celebrates their exuberance and complete joy about falling in love and getting married. You can see their posting and the video here.

Nick and Amanda remind us that love abounds in this world, even in these trying times. They also stand as testimony to the fact that newspapers, even in small communities like Southern Pines, can use the Web to connect with young people in new and exciting ways. Before their marriage, Amanda and Nick also used thepilot.com to announce their engagement to the world.

About the same time I saw the Dillman’s video, this announcement of the engagement of Hannah Linn and Blaine Crews came to my attention.

Linn is a young news anchor and reporter for KGBT News in Harlingen, Texas, who announced her engagement on air and then posted the video on our client’s site, RGVBrides365.com. RGV stands for Rio Grande Valley. Three newspapers jointly operate the site: The McAllen Monitor, Valley Morning Star and The Brownsville Herald.

Blaine Crews and Hannah Linn

Blaine Crews and Hannah Linn

How cool is that? Now newspapers are in the virtual television business, and young women are sharing their exciting news on their websites! That’s great news for newspapers desperately trying to relate to young couples who are putting down roots in a community.

Young people want to share the stories of their lives. What else explains the success of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and their imitators? But social media is not enough. Mom and Dad might be on Facebook, but Grandma and Grandpa probably are not. Newspapers, television and radio stations can play a vital role in helping these young couples shout out their happy news to the world and reconnect with former colleagues via their websites. Newspapers can and should take a page from Facebook’s, uh, book.

The world could use a little more love right now, don’t you think? Whether you decide to embrace our Brides 365 product or produce ways to help young people in your market share the love on your own, you owe it to yourself and your community to encourage young people to share their stories their way via your website and mobile apps.