What If Native Ads Work? The Future Of Online Verticals

23 Jan What If Native Ads Work? The Future Of Online Verticals

What if…

What if native advertising works?

What if it changes the way local media companies charge online from cost-per-impression to value pricing?

What does that mean for online verticals?

Right now, most native advertising appears as links from home pages or in run-of-site content. This approach may work, but inherently creates the same problem that cost-per-impression pricing does: It limits inventory.

Interestingly, wrapping native advertising in context makes it even stronger. Context brings the correct kinds of eyeballs to native advertising and vice versa. Therefore, native advertising could be the development that transforms online verticals from a source of hatred — “I’ll never sell another one as long as a live” — to a source of excitement and steady, repeatable new revenue.

I once was with the famous “French Chef” Julia Child when someone questioned why she featured so many luxurious dishes when poor people were starving throughout the world. “People still need to dream,” was her matter-of-fact reply, before empathizing with the poor and talking about the need to feed the hungry.

Right now local media websites are broken. If native advertising presents a pathway toward change and ushers in an era of value pricing, we need to welcome it. We need to dream a little.

And, mark my words: Hate them or love them, targeted online verticals with built-in user posting capabilities are your future. If others can sell them, so can local media companies – provided those online verticals are compelling, change frequently, invite users in and are sold based on value, not impressions.