Want To Attract College Students? Try A Free Magazine!

30 May Want To Attract College Students? Try A Free Magazine!

The headline caught my eye: “Magazines More Popular Than Ever Among College Students.”

The sample was small and the sponsor Shweiki Media, which conducted the study with Study Breaks College Media, does have a vested interest in the future of print. Still, the findings are compelling:

Of 387 Students Surveyed:

  • 97 percent have read a free magazine
  • 90 percent have read a magazine in the last month
  • 84 percent keep magazines for at least a month
  • 70 percent share magazines with friends and/or borrow them from friends
  • 85 percent get fashion ideas from magazines
  • 89 percent visit websites they see in magazines
  • 84 percent purchase an item after seeing it in a magazine
  • 63 percent use coupons from magazines to make purchases
  • 84 percent redeem specials and promotions they see in magazines

Free special interest magazines appeal to college students. These sound a lot like special sections that newspapers have traditionally published. Is there a pathway here for reaching young readers?

See Study Break College Media’s accompanying infographic below.