Make a vow for better bridal content

Bridal Content

08 Nov Make a vow for better bridal content

Providing valuable bridal content can be challenging. While planning their big day, couples have endless resources available to them and many don’t know where to begin. So how can you take back your piece of the industry and keep your audience coming to you for their wedding needs? Media companies that establish a reputation as a wedding planning resource can open many revenue streams.

Key dates to plan around

Knowing when to schedule bridal content is vital. Trends in engagement, announcement and wedding dates change often. 2017 saw fall become the most popular season to get married with approximately 40 percent of weddings happening in October and November last year. The holiday season is another prime time to pop the question. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are some of the most common engagement dates followed closely on the calendar by Valentine’s Day.

Once the holidays come to a close and newly engaged couples start their planning process, the season for bridal content begins. The first few months of the year are an ideal time to put your content in front of audiences to make an impression. Catch their attention before they turn to well-known sites like The Knot and Weddingbee.

Custom bridal sites

This is also a great time to include bridal content on your digital platform. Mobile planning is more popular in recent years, with 92% of couples using smartphones to plan weddings in 2017. Couples might turn to Pinterest for decorative ideas but rely on wedding-related websites for vendor discovery. Planners should be able to discover local vendors while already searching for wedding content online. Supporting the industry within your community will help businesses that can then support your advertising revenue.

Brides 365 can help you build and maintain a custom wedding planner site focused on your local market. Couples can come to your site to make engagement and wedding announcements, or even make a post celebrating their anniversary. The focus on digital platforms for weddings has also taken over engagement announcements. Social media garners 86 percent of announcements, with 76 percent of those going to Facebook. An additional way to drive ad revenue is to encourage couples to use your custom site for their announcement and then share that post through Facebook and other social channels. Couples receive a professional presentation for their announcement while still sharing their news among friends. And more clicks on your site is a good thing.

Capturing your audience in one place through your platform is a great way to establish you as a wedding planning resource. A custom site brings together everything planners need to bring their vision to life. Bakeries, caterers, photographers and officiants are among the many vendor resources available through Brides 365.

Know their budget

Factors such as age and location affect how much a couple will spend on their wedding. Budgets vary but the average for the event is $27,000. Media companies can dip into these dollars by targeting the places where couples spend their budgeted funds.

Venues are the biggest expense with 2017 showing an average of $9,000 spent. With such a costly decision to make, couples are sure to invest a great deal of time looking for the right one. Lead your bridal content, for example, with a focus on this topic.

Catering is often the second costliest part of a wedding. Last year, the average cost of food at weddings was $6,600. With personalized weddings becoming more popular, local culinary experiences are trending. Wedding planners want to rely on local media sources to determine where to spend those catering dollars.

Get bridal content out there, now

Even though we can highlight trends in wedding dates, the bridal industry is active year-round. Fall leads the seasons for getting married with summer a close second. Build your reputation now and claim your spot within this lucrative industry.