Video: Marketers New Content Challenge for 2017

Video Marketing

22 Aug Video: Marketers New Content Challenge for 2017

Video is the top pick for what is going to be hot in 2017. Marketers know this, but how many are taking action? And how do you use video as a business? Like everything in your marketing efforts, relevancy is key.

Unless you have access to some expensive tools video isn’t the easiest thing to throw together quickly. This past week I attempted to bring back my iMovie skills from 8 years or so ago and let’s just say it was frustrating. So what types of tools are out there for you to use and what type of content should you be showing? Here are a few of my recommendations:


Boomerang is an Instagram application that allows you to create short snippet videos that will play back over and over again – essentially a custom gif. This type of video isn’t limited to just Instagram; it can be put on all social networks.

So what do you show in such a short snippet of a video? Company culture. People don’t need to watch a four minute video of your team celebrating a success and having fun, but showing a short video of that company culture is just enough to be interesting but not irrelevant. Boomerang also takes about five minutes to put a video together, filter and add the text and tags you want, so it is best for those spontaneous events that you want up in a timely fashion.


YouTube creator studio

I actually came across this one while doing research for this post. YouTube, the video giant, now allows you to edit your video through their creator studio. The tools seem pretty user-friendly with transitions, music, and allowing you to cut and separate audio.

I think this tool is perfect for testimonials or product demonstrations. If you are a service-based company, this may be a little trickier, but it also allows you the freedom to get creative. A great way to create videos about services is talking about topical subjects in your industry. For example do you know how many people are not sure how to use native advertising for their business? We created a one to help use a marketing and training tool for our clients. Video is a great way educate your audience with information they are looking for in an entertaining and engaging way.

Snapchat video

Snapchat is the new kid on the block, but has made a big splash with its geo filters and face-altering lenses. As a business, though, how do you interact on snapchat without looking unprofessional? Snapchat is ideal for anyone targeting the teens, but it hasn’t really caught on amongst an older audience, so it may not be for every business.

Snapchat is all about being in the moment. So if your team is at a conference or event this is the time to break out Snapchat. Why? Because just like with Boomerang most people don’t care to see a five-minute panorama video of the stage with your co-workers whoohooing, we get the point after about 10 seconds. This is content you want to share but don’t need up forever, which is the beauty of Snapchat and now Instagram stories.

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