Use Your Big Megaphone, Content & Experience to Help Advertisers

19 Jan Use Your Big Megaphone, Content & Experience to Help Advertisers

I started out the new year on the road making four-legged sales calls on local advertisers in two different markets. It was an eye opening experience, as it always is when I go into the field.


Three things really struck me:

  1. Our advertisers really work hard, often from dawn until way beyond dusk. We are lucky they give us any time at all.
  2. Our sales reps really care about their advertisers and often work as hard as they do.
  3. Our advertisers are desperate for a digital strategy that works and look to us for help.


Our clients spend on digital, according to BIA/Kelsey:

  • SMBs (small and medium size businesses) use social media more than any other media category. 74.5 percent report using social media to promote their business.
  • SMBs spend more on social media than on any other media category. In fact SMBs spend 21.4 percent of their total media budget on social media.
  • Facebook dominates SMB usage. 55.1 percent have a Facebook page for business use and 20 percent run a Facebook ad or promoted post.


Most advertisers are frustrated. While they built their websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts:

  • 100% are dissatisfied with the traffic they generate based on my recent discussions
  • Nearly 100% haven’t a clue about what to say on their social media accounts

This is a huge opportunity for you. First, you have the biggest megaphone in town to amplify your advertisers’ efforts. Second, you have content. Third, you already have struggled with many of the same issues your advertisers face.

We believe native advertising is part of the answer. Let us know if we can show you why.