Things I am really tired of hearing about millennials

17 Aug Things I am really tired of hearing about millennials

This weekend I was doing some errands and while I was in line one of the older workers was complaining about his millennial coworkers. “They are always on their cell phone, even here at work.” He seemed very frustrated, but this statement made me a millennial, irritated, especially since I’m someone who tries to avoid social applications in my spare time.

Millennials are on the receiving end of a lot of – mostly negative – generalizations. It may be true for a small portion, but like all stereotypes it doesn’t capture the whole picture. Most millennials are working the 9 to 5 just like everyone else, and we’re sick of hearing how lazy and irresponsible we are.

Here are three stereotypes I am really REALLY tired of hearing about millennials:

  1. We’re glued to our phone 24/7

Believe it or not, not all of us feel the need to be on social media all day, every day. Personally, I like to keep my phone tucked away when I’m out because I am better able to live in the moment and be pulled away from the buzz of my cellphone.

My friends don’t need to know what I am doing every moment of my life and honestly besides the convenience of a cell phone I really hate the ability it has given us to get in touch with someone at any time and expect them to be there, because when do we not have our cellphone on us? Personally when I know I don’t want to talk to anyone I just put it in another room to relieve myself of the stress of the constant notifications of my many social applications and distractions.

  1. We aren’t career-focused

Lazy, not willing to put their dues in and expecting a high turnover into a better position are all things we hear describing millennials. As someone who knew what they wanted to get their master’s degree in at the age of 12, this is especially upsetting. We were told by older generations that if you get a college degree, you will get a better job and move up faster.

Although it’s great that we’re an overall more educated society, a degree isn’t the golden ticket we all expected. The millennial generation is on the path to become the most educated generation so far, which is making the work market more saturated with qualified candidates. Never mind that we are also entering the workforce on the tail end of a recession. This in turn creates job hopping a normal career path for millennials looking for higher pay or for a job that they are more passionate about. This is unusual and against the norm of our previous generations who have worked for the same companies for 20 plus years. Many millennials will take a role for the experience rather than the pay, but this doesn’t make us unsuccessful. I would argue it actually makes us more successful because we are the generation trying to find enjoyment in our work. If we have to be at work 5 days a week why not enjoy it?

  1. We only want to party

As far as I know you only have one life to live. I am not as bold as some of my fellow generations who quit their jobs and explore the world for a few months, but I do enjoy to travel and taking a complete break from work on my weekends. This doesn’t mean I am any less productive at my job, it just means I need a break to be able to come in Monday and refocus.

There was a study I saw on TV over the weekend that compared the differences between Europe and the US work/lifestyle. Europeans get 30 plus days of vacation a year and usually use all of them, while most Americans don’t even use their vacation for fear of looking not as devoted to their job. The study concluded that taking a vacation (meaning not checking work emails on the beach) actually enhanced creativity, lowered stress levels and made employees happier and more productive in their work environment. So don’t hate if we take the time to actually enjoy our weekend – it’s good for us.

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