The Realities of Digital First

03 Jun The Realities of Digital First

It was something of a letdown.

Seated across from me were two executives at one of the newspaper business’ biggest chains — smart, successful folks, to be sure.

We were engaged in animated discussion about a new total market coverage product. It was an exceptional opportunity involving a dynamic content strategy.

“And we could put all of this online, develop a mobile app,” I continued eagerly. “We could encourage user postings, local vendors could post profiles and we would update the site with new content daily!”

Silence hung in the air. The two execs, a vice president and regional publisher respectively, looked at each other as if Satan just sat down beside me.

“We just need something to wrap our inserts!” one said finally.”People don’t even have computers here.”

Newspaper companies talk a great game about being digital first. Unfortunately, at ground level, the reality is often quite different.