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There are Many Different Types of Content

When do you think of content what is the first thing you think of? It could be body copy, photography, videos, graphic design, podcasts or a website where all of those things collaborate to create a digital experience that can either help or hurt your brand. Keep in mind a digital experience and customer experience are different. 

What are the most valued types of content?

Written content is leading the race with video and photos following right behind it. More specifically blogs are a great way to make a content investment and use content to your advantage. Everyone uses content, why not use it to give yourself a competitive advantage.

How to bridge the content types

So how do you use different types of content together to build leverage? All content achieves the same goal. Its a visual guide to better understand something and solves problems. For example, your website should use images, graphics, text, and sometimes video and audio files to communicate a message so that you can understand it, and use it. 

When content doesn’t achieve that goal, it’s not effective and needs a new strategy. The copy on the website should be written to articulate ideas about your company, the images should show examples of what the copy is about, and graphics can be used for directional buttons, logos, and adds visual interest.

They all simultaneously work to explain an idea and allow the user to find answers to their questions.

How content looks in each content type

Most companies have a content style whether they realize it or not. The companies that are the most successful at having a content plan, typically have spent time thinking about how their content is working.

The copy looks different in different types of projects, but overall it should be articulated well, and explain an idea that the reader can easily digest and understand. It should have flow and cater to a target audience. Photos should hold to a certain style and be consistent, while also show consistency with other content on the page. Videos should have a similar style, look and feel like the photography your using. Graphics can carry their style but should be balanced with the other content elements. 

Putting together content is a design skill and is important to consider when reaching the end of a project.

The end goal is that there should be a balance with everything on a given page of a project.

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