The Election of Social Media

01 Aug The Election of Social Media

After the 2008 election there was no doubt in marketer’s minds that digital campaigns had just become the new television for presidential elections. However, today it is no longer the new frontier and requires innovation and new tactics to be successful. Even in the primaries this year we saw high social media interaction from all the running mates. Why is the stress on digital? Current numbers show that 78% of Americans are on a social network.  According to Pew research center, 44% of American adults say they’re learning about the presidential election from social media. Both Trump and Hillary have put a high emphasis on digital for these reasons and I have got to say it’s been pretty entertaining to read.

Ladies first

Hillary’s campaign has done a fantastic job at not only getting her message across, but also creating clever defenses to Trump’s campaign. One of the most innovative digital tools coming from this campaign is a tool her team created called Trump Yourself. This allows users to take of what may be some of Trump’s more offensive statements and put a picture of yourself with that quote and hashtag #TrumpYourself. Creating a Spanish twitter channel is another feature we haven’t seen in these campaigns and is a smart strategy from her team for targeting this audience. The Hillary campaign has also had a focus on showing her personal side with an emphasis on family by showing photos of her and Bill with their grandchild (Mashable).

Trump Trump Trump it up

With 6.2 million followers last June when the campaigning began, social has been a focus for Trump since the beginning. Mr. Trump has been a phenomenon paying the least for promotion on social and scoring higher on social organically than his competitors’ paid ads. So much so that CNN claims he has rewrote the rules of social media calling him the social media president. He also has created an attack hashtag #NeverHillary. Like Hillary’s Trump yourself filter, Snapchat just release Anti-Hillary filters sponsored by a republican organization.

No matter who you prefer, we can learn from both of these candidates and this campaign season as marketers. Humor, engaging apps and getting rid of the fluff that politics is known for has been prominent in this election season on social media.

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