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Good stories start with a good interview

A good story is that grabs you and holds your attention. It’s just that simple, but how to make it interesting where professional writers come in. They know each detail is chosen because it builds the story. The structure of a good story is similar to building a house. You start with the framework or the main ideas. Then as the story progresses you choose just the details, large and small, that support the narrative. 

A good interview leads to good content

A good idea can get interesting pieces of a story that engage the reader.  Here is a story with examples of this. It explains the impact Hurricane Hugo had on the Southeastern coast of the U.S., and because of its impact, we shouldn’t underestimate hurricane season that comes around every fall. The main points in the story are:

    1. Because of the growth in the Southeast, we have more to lose on the next huge hurricane. 
    2. How people prepared for the evacuation
    3. Figuring out when to leave to safely escape the storm

The main points give the story structure and everything else, quotes, insights, personal stories revolve around the points.

An interview gives a story authority

An interview allows you to be connected to people who were affected, in this story about Hurricane Hugo. The people being interviewed were people who had to evacuate to remain safe. It allows you to see what happened, and the state that people were in; there is a connection to the story when you hear what people experienced. It allows you to take the story more seriously and gives it more authority about what’s being said.

Quotes validate an idea based on real experience

When you see a quote of something someone said, you tend to take it more seriously, especially when the person being interviewed is the person affected by the unfolding events. “I gave everybody a life jacket and we caravaned over the Ben Sawyer Bridge.” -Stith.

This comment allows you to see the seriousness of this evacuation, and that instead of just leaving the area, people were passing out life jackets.

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