Surviving Breast Cancer: Survival Story #4

26 Aug Surviving Breast Cancer: Survival Story #4

As cancer patients are often told, “There’s no right way to do cancer.” But increasing numbers of patients and survivors have something in common besides the Big C. For them, a big part of “doing cancer” is blogging about their experiences. It often starts as a means of keeping family and friends informed, but becomes a way to assist and inspire others facing similar health challenges.

Our fourth and final story is by Benjamin from Arlington, Virginia

Blog: Cancer Slayer Blog

I created this delusion, and it took shape very quickly, that I was literally superhuman. Cancer didn’t affect me, didn’t bring me down like it did other people. I was 16 and so strong in treatment that one man gave me a Superman shirt and boxers. Later, I had to have my entire hipbone removed, and the whole time I kept asking my surgeon when I’d be able to play tackle football again. I just knew I could because I was Superman. My mind couldn’t accept that I’d never run or jump again. I eventually realized I was being unrealistic, but during the second cancer, I still lived by certain rules. I would never complain. I would never bring up cancer. But then I got this powerful urge to write a book (“Twice: How I Became a Cancer-Slaying Superman Before I turned 21,” Woodley Books) and later learned that I’d better talk about it if I wanted to sell books. So I started blogging. But there’s more to it than that. Looking back, that superhero mindset did well for me while I was battling illness, but along with it came this idea that I was superior. It was unethical. I didn’t keep up with the other kids I met in treatment. Now, I want to help kids. I have a new book coming out, another version of my story that younger people can read. It turns out that talking about cancer, bending that rule I had, has been one of the most rewarding things in my life.

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