Surviving Breast Cancer: Survival Story #2

A sneak peak into our 2015 Surviving Breast Cancer issue, which includes 4 different bloggers who shared their experiences and emotions with the world. This is the second of four stories we will share and is by Ann Silberman.

13 Aug Surviving Breast Cancer: Survival Story #2

As cancer patients are often told, “There’s no right way to do cancer.” But increasing numbers of patients and survivors have something in common besides the Big C. For them, a big part of “doing cancer” is blogging about their experiences. It often starts as a means of keeping family and friends informed, but becomes a way to assist and inspire others facing similar health challenges.  This year, our Surviving Breast Cancer issue includes 4 stories from 4 different people who started blogs to cope with their own struggle with cancer. Their stories were so powerful and inspiring that we wanted to share them with all of you.

The second story is by Ann Silberman from Sacramento, California

Blog: Breast Cancer? But Doctor … I Hate Pink! 

The blog name came to me right when I was diagnosed. I was picturing the breast cancer community as all these perky women who run races and wear pink. It’s hard for ‘metsters’ (women with metastatic breast cancer, or cancer that has spread) to find online support. I’ve heard stories of women being kicked out of support groups because their story is just too scary. For early stage women, the greatest fear is relapse, whereas our cancer has already come back. The most common question people ask is, ‘How can you manage to live when you know you’re going to die?’ I’d learned I had end-stage cancer, and I had accepted it. I only wanted to make it to my youngest son’s graduation, which I did. But then a new drug (Perjeta) came out and put me in remission. In my wildest dreams I didn’t think I’d still be here. I’m making plans again. I’m planning a vacation. I’m thinking about buying a car. I’m shopping for dresses for my son’s wedding next year. I know in my mind that I could get sick again but I’m not going to live that way. Now that I’m better, I feel like I’ve missed all these years and I’m trying to figure out what to do. Some things, like travel, are very hard on me. The blog has been helpful because it gives me something meaningful to do.

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