Surviving Breast Cancer: Survival Story #1

A sneak peak into our 2015 Surviving Breast Cancer issue, which includes 4 different bloggers who shared their experiences and emotions with the world. This is the first of four stories we will share and is by Heather Lagemann.

05 Aug Surviving Breast Cancer: Survival Story #1

As cancer patients are often told, “There’s no right way to do cancer.” But increasing numbers of patients and survivors have something in common besides the Big C. For them, a big part of “doing cancer” is blogging about their experiences. It often starts as a means of keeping family and friends informed, but becomes a way to assist and inspire others facing similar health challenges.  This year, our Surviving Breast Cancer issue includes 4 stories from 4 different people who started blogs to cope with their own struggle with cancer. Their stories were so powerful and inspiring that we wanted to share them with all of you.

The first is by Heather Lagemann, 33 years old, from Alton, Illinois.

Blog: Invasive Duct Tales

One reason I started writing the blog is because everything you read about cancer on the Internet is so heavy. It helped me keep things in perspective, to tell the funny stories that happened in the middle of this incredibly emotional, overwhelming experience. I wanted to have a real conversation. I wrote that it’s OK to be scared, sad, angry, confused and generally not so sunny, that you need to feel these things in order to move through this. But the anger I’m feeling took me off guard. Throughout treatment I was honest and open, and now that treatment is over, I think I’m a little bit angry that all of this happened. I thought I would go on to live my best life. I thought I would just feel grateful, not angry and depressed. This is new for me. I’m moving on with my normal life. I’m working again and I have my daughters. Right now I’m a little bit tired of thinking about cancer. For a while I wasn’t sure what that meant for the blog. But maybe writing is just what I need to put these feelings behind me.

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