Stop Calling! Sure Sign Your Message Misses The Mark

17 Feb Stop Calling! Sure Sign Your Message Misses The Mark

“Stop calling me, “ a client urged yesterday. “We don’t need another print special section.”

Of course I asked him what it was he needed.

“What we need are ways we can increase audience, engagement and new revenue online.”

My first reaction was anger toward this client, then bewilderment. That was before I finally realized that he did me a favor. The told me what I didn’t want to hear.

The truth hurt. It hurt not because the guy didn’t want a print section, but rather because he didn’t know that Content That Works has offered online solutions since the day it opened its doors in 2001. CTW was the first to offer white label online content verticals with daily content updates plus the ability for local users to post local content — that was 14 years ago. Automated daily updates combined with user posting capabilities remain rare even today.

In addition to online content verticals for real estate, jobs,health and wellness, automotive, home improvement, bridal, and the Christmas holidays, CTW offers a wide range of digital products and related services:

  • Full-service digital native advertising creation,
  • White label mobile verticals,
  • Highly adaptive online announcement and user posting software,
  • Full-featured online vendor directories with multiple up sell opportunities and user update capabilities
  • Native advertising and online vertical consultation services,
  • Onsite sales training and four-legged sales call support for digital products.

This client was shocked to learn we offer digital solutions.

It is my own damned fault.

Dan Dalton has famously said that he sells what people are buying. In 2003 we emphasized print because nobody was buying online. We never gave up on digital. In fact our development continued and intensified. Today we have one of the largest digital suites available to local media. However, despite our new website, a new logo, a new online store, new approach to marketing, the message — that CTW is in fact a digital leader — has yet to hit its mark.

If you’re going to be at the Mega-Conference next week please stop by and see us.  Allow us to show you how we can help increase your digital engagement and generate revenue.

We have some pretty cool capabilities. Even if we have been hiding them from from view.


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