How to start selling content marketing

selling content marketing

19 Jun How to start selling content marketing

By now you’ve heard plenty about the buzz-worthy tool called content marketing. Sure, it sounds great in theory, but how does it work exactly? And how do you get started selling it?

Why should I start selling content marketing?

The first question should always be why. Why should I do this and why should the advertiser want to spend money on this idea? Content marketing is an opportunity for you to be the helping hand in your community by providing engaging, useful content. For your advertisers, it’s a chance to get in front of a target audience. An audience interested in the topic they are reading.

Let me explain further

Let’s say you run a hospital and want to publish a magazine, newsletter – whatever it may be – with regular updates to build a better connection with your audience. Heath content would be an appropriate choice. When you employ content marketing, at least from our company, the health-and-wellness content provided can be pulled apart, spread out, spaced out; however, you want to use it to best serve your publishing need. By mixing in content with updates about your business, you are providing the reader with a better experience and therefore a better association with your business.

So how do the advertisers come in?

All of our content marketing publications, both print and online, are delivered with built-in ad spots for your local advertisers. No matter what type content you use, selling content marketing ads is important to either break even or generate revenue on the content you are sending out to customers. By selling ads to other relevant businesses, you position your company as the leader in your industry. For example, let’s go back to the hospital. If they bought health and wellness content, which covers topics such as diet, exercise, health risks, etc., they now have a variety of businesses to target that would be a natural advertising fit alongside the content. Selling content marketing to businesses help them reach their target as well (think gyms, health food stores, parks and recreation departments and weight loss programs).

See what I am saying?

Let’s look at another example – in this example, we’ll use a small business, such as a bakery. The bakery probably will not be mailing out magazines. However, it could need content for a newsletter or even social media posts. Yes, the owner could write recipes or baking advice on their own, however, audiences crave a mixture of content from businesses – not just information about the business itself. Writing this content also takes away time from running the core business, which most small business owners don’t want to do.

So what is a good option?

Buying content. Mix in content from established experts. As a bakery, you probably don’t want to advertise other local cake makers and bakeries. However, think of the great pairings that could advertise. For example, you could sell a monthly sponsorship to a wine shop trying to reach your audience, and what goes better than cupcakes than wine? Wedding planners, party planners, and restaurants all could be pairing options. The most important thing when selling sponsorships as a small business – for any business actually – is to know who your audience is, and who wants to target them.

I want to start selling content marketing!

With great content the possibilities are endless. If you are looking for quality content in your industry, keep Content That Works in mind. We offer nationally recognized writers in a variety of topics and varied pricing based on the size of your audience. Contact us for help to find the perfect content for your business needs.