Stop waiting and spread the joy


28 Nov Stop waiting and spread the joy

We have all been there, whether in a business or personal decision. We have all put doing good before what seems like the logical decision. Maybe your company gives a large percentage of holiday profits to a charity, or employees get a few more days off for Christmas than is standard. From a business point of view this doesn’t make much sense, but for human beings wanting to spread joy it’s only natural.

Last weekend I lost a friendship when a friend betrayed me, and it was upsetting. I felt used and manipulated, and it wasn’t a good feeling. However, I am a person who likes to see the good in every situation. Going through this, I appreciated those in my life who truly care and would never do something like my former friend did. So I called them all and thanked them for being loving people who I know I can rely on.

If you think about it, the strangers we donate our time and money to through charitable organizations also rely on us, just as we do on our friends. It felt amazing to take the time to express appreciation to everyone who is there for me no matter what.

Find your strength

In the midst of a bad situation, I found the courage to do something I haven’t had the strength to do before, and it did have a happy ending. (Karma is a real thing.) So this holiday season, I urge you to thank those who have been there for you and help those who truly need it, because doing well for others is the best gift you could give yourself. Whether you do this as a business activity or for yourself, I encourage you to do something you have made excuses for. Tell that crush how you truly feel (it may work out), donate your time to a food bank, or call that great aunt you haven’t talked to in forever.

This is more important than ever in our divided country. This November, people have lost friendships and family members have stopped speaking to each other, and it is truly a shame. So stop waiting to mend the ties and spread the joy – year-round, but especially during this season of giving.

This Tuesday is Giving Tuesday, so start the giving of the gifting season by giving a little joy. Whether that be on social media through a fun gif ( I do love gifs), a story of something thoughtful someone did for you, or by actually picking up the phone or an in-person call on an old friend.

Spread the Joy #JoyfulContent

This month we will be hashtagging #joyfulcontent with good we are seeing in the world because although there are bad experiences and events in the world, lets look at the positive this season and how we can make a difference. We encourage you to join us. 😊

And while you are doing all this goodwill, Get ready for our special guest post from our Editorial Director this Wednesday on his perspective working in the content marketing and editorial field.