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We know we need to do it as brands, but for many, sitting in front of a computer for the first time as the voice for the brand can be a bit intimidating. I remember my first post as a manager for a brand. I probably reread that post about ten times before hitting “send,” and then sat there hoping it had some effect on my followers and prospects. Here are some of the social media marketing tips and tricks I have learned over the years.

Schedule for Highest Impact

Some companies will argue quantity over quality. Although studies have been done with mixed results, I always opt for quality. Don’t post just to post. With so much content online, make sure that what you are sharing is valuable to your audience. The time of day matters, as well. There are charts out there laying out what people think are the best times to post on what social sites. There is also Facebook analytics, which shows the specific times your audience is most active, down to the hour per day. Try out the suggested times then track which posts do best at what times. You will learn what and when works best for your audience.

Participate in Chats

There are efficient platforms for social media posting. Knowing your target audience is the start to grow, and not everyone is your customer. But participation helps build our brand’s reputation in the industry as a leader in what we do.

Engage with Others’ Content

Whether you are on a conference Twitter hashtag or scrolling through Facebook in the office, engaging with others’ content is the point of social media. Don’t be afraid to comment or tell someone if something they shared is cool, and retweet it. Don’t just share your information. Be sure to give your audience a mixture. A great way to keep track of influencers on Twitter is through lists. Your main feed can be overwhelming with information, so to find those key people put them in a Twitter list that you can search anytime. What is excellent about lists is if someone has added you to their “public” list, you can also use their list as a resource to engage with new people.

Be a Continuous Learner

Google Alerts is wonderful. I receive updates on topics every day that I have selected, and they help keep me updated on what is current and trending, which can also be a great resource to pull content. Social media is an industry that is always changing, and if you are not changing with it, you will be left behind.

Confidence is Key

You went to school for this, took multiple courses, and are now in the real world for it. No one is perfect, so be confident about your decisions. If you are unsure of something, know there are a plethora of resources at your fingertips online and through other social media experts. We are all in this together.


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