Snapchat: Are Barfing Rainbows the Future of Social?

01 Jul Snapchat: Are Barfing Rainbows the Future of Social?

If you have been on any type of social media site this week, you most likely have seen Facebook and Twitter announcements detailing how these social media giants hope to combat the upstart Snapchat app. Facebook’s  Slideshow Video is a feature where videos within a 24 hour time frame can be merged (cough cough Snapchat story anyone?), and Twitter’s searchable emoji stickers also  shows similar to features to Snapchat.

So what’s so special about Snapchat? I decided to find out by setting up my own Snapchat and this is what I found:


Sun with rainbow

Once you get the basics down of what everything is, Snapchat is very easy to use. You can send a video or a picture and include captions or stickers if you like, but there is no obligation to respond back to people or continue a conversation like other social applications.


Content is always fresh and current. Unlike Facebook where your friend may repost her entire wedding album from the year before, Snapchat is always current, mostly due to the ephemeral 24 hour limit when the post can be seen. Users typically post one or two pictures of an event rather than more-than-any-of-us-ever-wanted-to-see posts all too prevalent on Facebook.


This is tricky to describe because other applications could claim they are also personable. However, Snapchat is personable in a unique way making it acceptable to be strange. Sending a photo of you barfing a rainbow is normal. People are allowed to be weird and share it only with the friends they want. Now you might say well isn’t that what Facebooks does? And the quick answer is yes. However, Facebook has become a place where people share good memories and showcase how great their lives are to their high school classmates. Snapchat shares the daily or random boredom occurrences in life to only a tight group of your friends, not the world.

 Why is this Important to Your Business?

Snapchat recently announced its future platform for a revenue sharing scenario in which brands would pay users for their content. An API system will allow advertisers to buy and control large campaigns instead of having to negotiate with Snapchat (Bustle). This is a step from the app being seen as mostly experimental to an established core application.

With the human attention span being a second less than a goldfish (take a moment of silence to recognize how sad that is), this is scary for Facebook and Twitter who currently dominate the social ad business. Especially since Snapchat has slashed its ad prices compared to its competitors with a minimum of $100,000 versus Instagram’s $500,000 minimum (DigDay).  Bottom line, Snapchat is a social network to consider investing time and money in. Now is the opportune time to pioneer into the strangely entertaining world that is Snapchat.

Want to create a Snapchat or curious about how to use Snapchat? Check out this Snapchat for Newbies breakdown by Social Media Today then follow us on Snapchat at CTWCharleston. Happy Snapping!

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