SMO — A Game You Can Win

26 Jul SMO — A Game You Can Win

Get the Conversation StartedYesterday we talked about how difficult it is to win the SEO race to top the list of organic search results, because the game is stacked in Google’s favor.

So what alternative do you have to drive traffic to your website?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) — essentially inviting people to join you in a conversation rather than simply putting your content out there and SEO-ing the heck out of it.

From a consumer standpoint, SEO techniques have always been problematic. We have all experienced “stories” optimized by repeating the same key phrase over and over again. It’s annoying at best, and at worst it detracts from any value the information in the article might have had.

Use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to create a conversation and invite your audience to join in. This actually adds value to your content; it can also effectively lead people to your site.

According to Forrester’s How Consumers Found Websites, 32 percent of website “discoveries” are from social media, up from 25 percent in 2011. Search still accounted for 54 percent of discoveries, but social media is clearly gaining.

Content That Works’ resident social media genius is conducting experiments right now using social media to drive site traffic and learning what works for local niche content sites like Brides 365™.

We now offer SMO services to our clients to help them generate interest in their niche content and get the most out of their customer relationships. We have learned that even a brand-new site can benefit greatly from social media engagement. Still like all things digital, SMO is an ever-changing process of evolving techniques. It takes time, effort, expertise and commitment.

There is one huge difference between SMO and SEO. In SMO, you control the game and your customers help make the rules. In SEO, Google controls the game and makes the rules — at least for now.

The SEO game is extremely difficult if not impossible for local media companies to win. The SMO game has the potential to make you more important to your audience and gain more influence over time.

You need to play in both games today. But our bet is SMO is the winning game of the future.