SEO Race Is Fixed — And Not In Your Favor

25 Jul SEO Race Is Fixed — And Not In Your Favor

We get asked all of the time about search engine optimization for Brides 365. More on that in a minute, but if Aaron Harris, co-founder of the website Tutorspree is right, there is virtually no way you can win the SEO race.

According to a post by Dan Graziano, Harris found that “real search results” account for only about 13 percent of screen space “above the fold,” at least if the search is conducted on a 13-inch laptop, the navigation bar takes up 14 percent of the screen, Google’s Adwords 29 percent and Google Maps, 7 percent.

Viewed from a different angle, of the 11 bits of potentially useful information above the fold, only three are organic. The results are even worse in mobile.


In other words, the SEO game is “fixed” in Google’s favor. It is nearly impossible for a local media site to show up above the fold. All of the search engine optimization, tags, keywords in the world will probably not get the job done.

So if SEO isn’t the answer, what is?

Read tomorrow’s post to find out.