How to Reboot Your Newspaper Classified Revenue Stream


15 May How to Reboot Your Newspaper Classified Revenue Stream

Classifieds have had a rocky few years lately, but that has not always been the case. At one time classified revenue represented as much as 50 -7 0 percent of total ad revenue for papers (Editor & Publisher, 2009). The history of classifieds visualizes how widespread it became across many cultures innovating it as you can see in the infographic below.


Why did classified revenue drop?

The initial disruption began in 1995 with the birth of individual internet access and Craigslist. Then in 2007, Facebook launched its marketplace allowing users to post free classified ads for housing, jobs and more. This led to classified advertising at some of the largest newspaper chains to drop 14-20 percent, while traffic to classified websites grew by 23 percent (Expat Billboard, 2013).

So, just like pink tubs, microscopic floral wallpaper and mullet haircuts there comes a time when an update is necessary.

How do you increase classified revenue?

The short answer: with content. Great content gets more readers and, therefore, better results for advertisers. Here are just 5 of the big benefits for newspapers to add content to the classifieds section:

  • Newspapers remain theĀ most trustedĀ source of news, information, and entertainment locally.
  • Craigslist, Monster, and the others don’t know the local community the way the newspaper does.
  • Increases the sponsor’s opinion leadership position within the community.
  • Requires no additional editorial resources so it saves you money.
  • Offer the bonus of social sharing across digital platforms.


This last point really helps you stand out. Think about it: people who are searching the web for jobs are the same people searching for information like resume builder ideas, and what to wear to an interview. Most likely, if it is helpful to him or her, the reader will share that information across their social networks. With relevant content next to your classifieds, it makes ads much more valuable to both the reader and the advertiser.

Where can you get content that fits these needs?

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