Proof That Quality Content Still Works to Attract Readers

21 Aug Proof That Quality Content Still Works to Attract Readers

“Perhaps the industry’s new leaders will have innovative ideas that will make it strong again, or maybe they’ll discover that the business isn’t as broken as everyone thinks and that readers are actually willing to pay for news that matters to their daily lives.”

So wrote Eric Spitz, president of Freedom Communications Inc., in an opinion post in The Wall Street Journal. 

About a year ago, Spitz and his partner Aaron Kushner bought Freedom Communications. Their flagship paper has been in the news lately for adding journalists and increasing circulation. It’s one of the few examples of such success in the industry.

Spitz and Kushner believe that by focusing on quality and value, you can make newspapers grow – going against all conventional wisdom.

Quality content that folks want and need to read, content that readers value because it enriches their lives and makes them better, smarter, more knowledgeable citizens — in short, content that works.

We agree with Mr. Spitz and Mr. Kushner and wish them God’s speed on their iconoclastic adventure!