Content That Works is passionate about creating great content

05 May Content That Works is passionate about creating great content

This is especially important when it comes to native advertising. At its best native captures the passions of the owners or managers of the businesses that sponsor the ads.

For example, the owner of the tire shop who is passionate about teenage driving safety. Without knowing anything more, you can imagine a series of very effective, helpful native ads targeted to teens and their parents.

This morning I read the following quote which really captures the reason why passionate content, especially passionate native content works so well:

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

The quote, attributed to Zain Amri Ayeod, Managing Partner of Bulb Communique comes from an unexpected source, the Daily Express, which describes itself as the Independent National Newspaper of East Malaysia. Zain goes on to say:

“Start with the Question ‘Why’. It is a simple but powerful business model. All organizations, business or otherwise, start with ‘Why’. Ask yourself – Why does your company exist? Why you do what you do… By ‘Why’, I mean your purpose, cause or belief…”

Without the clarity of “why” everything else is generic according to Zain. We couldn’t agree more.

Without passion content becomes lifeless and bland.

With passion content comes alive and engages.

– by Paul Camp

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