How to participate in financial literacy month

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06 Mar How to participate in financial literacy month

Last month we talked about national nutrition month (See the post here.) How is that going for everyone? Be sure to share your results on the nutrition blog article at the end of the month!

April is financial literacy month – which makes sense considering the tax deadline April 18th. Since everyone in business deals with finances to some degree, it’s really easy to participate.

Here are a few ideas we came up with (and plan on practicing ourselves!)

This month is the perfect opportunity for media companies to get creative when it comes to finding advertisers for content marketing or native advertising. Think beyond banks and real estate agencies to business like wedding planners, travel agencies or even school districts!

All of these businesses have financial advice they could give about paying for a wedding, planning a trip or saving for college. This native ad we did for the Honesdale National Bank is the perfect example of a financial-themed native ad.

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If you’re a small business owner, this is a great time to reach out to your local media companies about doing a financial-themed native advertising piece. Because, let’s face it, we could all use a little advice when it comes to money.

Another great tool is to make sure you are participating online, not only sharing your native ad but also being a part of the discussion with #FinancialLiteracyMonth

Social media

Not as impressive as nutrition’s social toolkit with gifs, but it does have a badge, posters and other things you can utilize for financial literacy month. Access the toolkit here.

Here are three examples that I found from last April that did a nice job participating in the financial literacy conversation.


Who doesn’t love an online quiz? We’ve all taken 5 minutes to find out what color you are or who you were in a past time.

Why do we waste our time with quizzes such as these? I like to think curiosity gets the best of us and we have to know the answer. Luckily, online quizzes can also be a great tool for native advertising. This insurance quiz is not only interactive but offers useful financial advice at the end – a prime example of engaging and informative content. This is a great way to participate in any type of monthly theme, from finances to heart health. Even the color one could be a great tie in for a paint company!

Tax firm

Obviously, taxes and finances go hand in hand. However, this post doesn’t talk directly about taxes. Instead it ties together what the company does with taxes with another timely trend: weddings.  There is no doubt that spring and summer are heavy for wedding season. This is a very fresh approach to a traditional topic. Plus, it’s useful and an easy read for people who do have wedding expenses. Consider how your business and industry relates to finances. What advice can you give related to those services?

Girl Scouts:

When I think of the girl scouts I think of cookies – not finances. However, this post about preparing girls for the real world of financial literacy is great. It tells me the clueless consumer that they don’t just sell cookies and sing kumbaya by a campfire, but also teach girls practical life skills like finances.

Overall, financial literacy month can be utilized for a wide variety of business. Whether it’s offering a coupon, savings tips or best splurges for a rainy day, tying your business content to this theme illustrates your commitment to helping potential customers. Be sure to share your efforts in the post at the end of April!

Some content we suggest for Financial Literacy month

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