Open and Honest Native Ads Rock

20 May Open and Honest Native Ads Rock

Great native ads “keep it real” according to Ash Nashed (can this be a real name?) in a Business to Community post last week.

Talking about a native ad for Fidelity that appeared on the cover of the March issue of Forbes, the post includes four steps for effective native ads:

  1. Be Obvious in Labeling
  2. Don’t Be Ashamed of Advertising
  3. Be Proud of Your Brand
  4. Work With Editors

We find it difficult to disagree with any of these points. In fact,  effective native advertising must be interesting,  truthful and honest, useful, entertaining or fun. Great native has all of these attributes.

Did Forbes cross the line with a native ad on its cover? Quite possibly, but today’s readers and site visitors don’t really care where the content comes from as long as it is trustworthy content they want to read.