One Local Media Company That Knows How to Market

09 May One Local Media Company That Knows How to Market

“So give us an example of a newspaper that does a good job of marketing,” a friend challenged me after yesterday’s post. As a quick recap, I said saying we need to:

  • Evoke positive emotions
  • Make our audiences feel good about spending time with us
  • Lift up our spirits and make life seem better

Fair enough. Consider this billboard from The Guardian in the U.K. and the commercial below, both of which support “the whole picture” campaign:


Feel better about spending time with The Guardian? Yes. Does life seem a little better because of  The Guardian? Yes. Do the ads evoke positive emotions? Yes, and they could do more.

The Guardian differentiates itself from commodity news providers — and by implication, most of the internet — by delivering the “whole picture.”

I would never advise our local clients to steal The Guardian’s creative, but I would wholeheartedly encourage all to borrow a page from their marketing handbook. This is good stuff.

And while you are at it, Ads of the World is a great place to visit for a dose of advertising/marketing inspiration.