No Ads? Editorial, Sales Play the Blame Game

03 Oct No Ads? Editorial, Sales Play the Blame Game

This provocative Michael Wolff column ran in USA Today a few days ago, but I think it is worth sharing.

In essence, Wolff points out it’s not necessarily the fault of our sales people that ads are in decline. It’s the fact that we bore people:

Editors, alas, are making a dull product that just doesn’t move the quick, cool and young.

Let’s be real. I talk to editors all of the time who tell me they now do the jobs formerly done by four or five editors. I get the need for productivity. Increasing the number of tasks and decreasing manpower means less time to be creative, innovative and exciting.

Still, there is truth in Wolff’s argument. Cool young people do read.

With the right resources in place, editors can make sure they do not choose to read elsewhere.