New UK Study Shows Tablet Ads As Memorable As Print

12 Nov New UK Study Shows Tablet Ads As Memorable As Print

People engage with and remember print and tablet ads at the same level, according to a new study in the UK using The Times print and tablet editions. Conducted by Neuro Insight and Decode Implicit Marketing the study shows that contrary to popular belief it is not the platform that drives behavior, but the content.

MediaWeek quotes Abba Newbery, director of ad strategy for News UK Commercial, which commissioned the study as observing:

“This research challenges the common held belief in our industry that people behave differently based on which platform they are consuming content.

“What it actually shows is that behavior is driven by content and not platform. If memory encoding for ads on print and tablet are the same despite people spending shorter time on tablet ads then maybe news brands should be charging the same?”

Charging the same for print and digital sounds pretty good to us. So does the realization that the quality of the content matters more than how the content is delivered.

While the study finds there are minor differences in how people access content between print and tablets, what is engaging and memorable in print is just as engaging and memorable presented digitally. All in all this suggests a path forward for charging full price for good content no matter what the delivery system to which we say: about time.

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