Native Advertising Form

Native ads match the visual and user experience in which it renders.

Native Advertising Function

Native ads utilize the same functionality for the application of the placement.

The short answer is that native advertising — sometimes called branded content or sponsored content — is content created expressly for an advertiser and designed to look and feel like a publisher’s editorial content when displayed on a publisher’s website.


The longer answer is more complicated. While some claim native advertising is nothing more than old fashioned advertorial, the fact is native advertising is something new. So new in fact, that native ads look, feel and read differently from site to site, market to market.


The big difference between “advertorial” and native ads is that advertorials often challenged credulity. To work effectively native ads must be credible, accurate, interesting and clearly identified for what it is. Sponsored content often is little more than a series of pictures with captions organized around a theme that complements an advertiser’s marketing goals. Branded content and native advertising usually tell a story — either about the advertiser’s products or services or about trends related to those products and services. These stories are designed to enhance the advertiser’s image as the local opinion leader in their line business and to elevate the advertiser in organic search.


Native Advertising That Works believes that every project needs to be tailored to your local market and your specific needs. However, what follows are some typical sample packages that our clients have offered their advertisers to help you think about your approach.



  • A LA CARTE: 3 mo. Freq.

    One advertiser with ONE implementation per month.

    • Single Article Only OR
    • Single Article with Graphics
    • Image Slideshow
    • Video
    • Social Media Posts
    • Sales Collateral
    • Sales Training


  • PACKAGE DISCOUNT: 3 mo. Freq.

    Fours advertiser with ONE implementation per month.

    • Single Article Only OR
    • Single Article with Graphics
    • Image Slideshow
    • Video
    • Social Media Posts
    • Sales Collateral
    • Sales Training


  • PACKAGE DISCOUNT: 3 mo. Freq.

    Four advertisers with ONE implementation per month.

    • No Advertiser quotes
    • Single Article Only OR
    • Single Article with Graphics
    • Image Slideshow
    • Video
    • Social Media Posts
    • Sales Collateral
    • Sales Training

In each case the advertiser would be quoted in the article or other content piece. Each series might start out with a profile of the advertiser and his/her business or a Q&A with the advertiser. Each new post would have new suggested social media posts with a schedule for the posting.

We know from experience that many business owners do not really know what to say when they are interviewed for something like this. For our Holiday Spotlights, for example, when asked what products they thought were exciting this holiday season many business owners offered answers like: “boots,” or “scarves.” Our writers had to pull out of them what made their boots or scarves special. We believe the same challenge comes into play here and because we know our topical areas, drawing out a subject is precisely what we do.


Old dogs, new tricks

Native ads are new. They are not advertorials and they are not sponsored content. They give you as advertisers a fresh way to reach and engage customers and put a new arrow in the quiver of honorable media salespeople. We like that.


A native ad appears in a trusted context, telling a new story in an unexpected way. Maybe it’s an image that breaks through. Or a word. Or an idea. The reader response: ‘There’s something new here!’ Click. Engage. Like. Comment. Share. Success!

Choose the adventure.

Native ads put power in your hands. You can look and sound smart, informed, intriguing, authoritative or hilarious. Or all of the above. It’s your story, your way – sharpened and polished by a trusted writer.

Native ads may break some rules …

A well-crafted native ad attracts the eye and reads snappy. Shouldn’t that say ‘snappily’? Yes, it should. Report us to the AP Stylebook police and keep reading.

… But they don’t break the important rules.

Native ads must be identified as content that’s underwritten by a single advertiser. As long as what a native advertiser has to say is truthful, ethical, and useful/entertaining/fun, well, who are you to kick?

Native ads build reputations.

Some native ads quote you the advertiser, often the owner of a small business. The boss gets quoted. And guess what? Your boss likes it – a lot. Of course, your boss must have something to useful, interesting or fun to contribute. It’s job of the native ad writer to help find, package and deliver that news.

How Do Advertisers Benefit from Native Ads?

There are a ton of reasons why native ads are worth more than run-of-the-mill display advertising.

  • Advertiser’s native ad appears on the home page of publisher as part of the news feed. This is huge. It’s like getting an article about them on the front page of your newspaper.
  • Advertisers get an exclusive landing page that features their current article, all previous articles and any ads that might include timely special offers.
  • The articles remain in archives for discovery in search for as long as you and publisher maintains a program with you. This gives the native ad a long tail effect that potentially could last for years.
  • Key search terms are built into each native ad. The same key terms are built into every article of a continuity program to aid in opinion leadership and search results.
  • You will build an interesting, sharable graphic or twist of phrase into every native content presentation to promote engagement and sharing.
  • You will promote the native content via social media to call attention to the ad and further promote sharing.
  • We will provide you with social media posts that they can use on Facebook and Twitter to promote the native ad on your site.
  • Publishers can package native content with other online advertising, and even publish the native content in their newspaper if you choose to make this part of the program.

If your advertiser insists on a hard sell, boastful or unsubstantiated claims, steer them to a different kind of advertising opportunity. Dishonest, exaggerated native ads will not work for the advertiser and, worse, could hurt you by undermining your credibility with readers.
Even advertisers who “get it” and want to produce really good, helpful content still need your help:

1. To produce engaging content
2. To encourage them to do something different, creative or unusual to increase sharing
3. To guide them in how to use social media
4. To establish realistic expectations and goals

How a Native Ad Works

Native advertising is not about selling customers,
but about giving them the gift of content they can use and enjoy.
To work effectively native advertising must be:

  • Interesting
  • Truthful and honest
  • Useful, entertaining or fun — better yet, all three

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Native Advertising Research & Reports

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