Mom Might Not Always Be Right, but She Sure Is Important

27 Sep Mom Might Not Always Be Right, but She Sure Is Important

Mom's pic sort ofLet me guess: Your mother is a powerful force in your life.

My sister and I still marvel at the fact that our mother could control us — and simultaneously control large groups of our friends — with just a single look. We dubbed it, “the look.” Though my mother passed away some time ago, the thought of “the look” still sends a chill down my spine.

Those of you who plan to be in Chicago for the 128th Annual Meeting of the Inland Press Association might want to consider tacking on the 9th Annual Marketing to Moms Conference the week before. Why?

  • Millennial moms spend $200 billion annually.
  • 73% of moms feel that advertisers do not understand what it’s like to be a mom.
  • Women account for 93% of over-the-counter pharmaceutical purchases.
  • Women initiate 80% of home improvement purchases, and do most of their pre-purchase research online rather than in-store.

The litany of the buying power of moms goes on, but what makes this conference special is the way the organizers work to connect attendees from all over the world and the sponsors who are all leading marketers to moms. It is one of the few conferences I have attended where the experience — from the gorgeous setting of the Chicago Cultural Center to the extraordinary food and social activities — is as important as the substance.

By and large, most local media companies don’t do nearly enough to tailor their coverage and program to attract moms. As a result, they fail to tap a huge opportunity.

I have attended this conference several times and always take away actionable ideas to help grow CTW. For example, this conference is one reason our automotive coverage focuses as much on cup holders and the ease of installing and removing baby seats as it does on speed from zero to 60 and gear ratios of autos.

If you get the chance, The Marketing to Moms Conference is worth the effort and the insightful presentations are more than worth the expense. Go if you can.