Meet Your Match: Heading to the ICCC Conference

20 Nov Meet Your Match: Heading to the ICCC Conference

ICCC-Banner3I’m on my way to new York City for the Inner City Capital Connections 2013 Conference. They call it National Match Day. I call it a great opportunity to learn.

ICCC is an organization dedicated to developing small businesses and creating jobs in inner city areas. They help small businesses “access capital, achieve sustainable growth, and provide a forum where small businesses can connect with debt and equity providers.”

National Match Day is an opportunity for businesses like Content That Works to meet and discuss our plans with investors.

I have spent a lifetime learning about local media, what makes great content and how to engage communities of interest. As Mary Connors, the majority owner of CTW (who happens to also be my wife) points out: It’s about time I learn something about money.

She’s right! As an editor, I have made a fair business manager at CTW. Therefore, I feel really┬áprivileged to be part of the ICCC program. I have learned a ton already and look forward to learning a lot more over the next two days.

Best of all, I have met some really smart, creative small business owners. Most of them represent businesses owned by women or minorities. Many are doing really exciting, innovative work.

It is often said that small business is the engine of job creation and entrepreneurial creativity in America. Seeing this at work through ICCC is an inspiring experience.

If you get the chance to participate, do it! It will change your business and could change your life!