Newspapers, Television, Radio & Media Companies:

Great content engages readers and connects them to their communities. That’s always been true.

But media companies today also need content to drive product engagement and generate new revenue.

That is where CTW comes in.

Bridal Planner, HomeStyle, Winter Car Guide

(to name just a few)

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Digital Content Packages are a simple solution for publishers looking to make an immediate, big-impact presence in new revenue category. Packages include all the digital assets you need to create exclusive high-end magazines and supplements right in your own publishing environment:

InDesign files and press-ready PDFs for turnkey production

Word/text documents and high-resolution artwork for creating layouts to fit your style

PDF revenue guide makes sponsorship simple

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Weekly Content Subscriptions are the smart way to establish yourself as a leader in specialty category and generate new, sustainable revenue. Weekly content subscriptions provide you with multiple features to engage the readers of your digital and print products:

New features delivered each week delivered as online-ready files or automatic feeds bolster your online presence and boost your search rankings

Fully designed section-front pages make it easy to brand new content content categories

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Need great content for a special project? Talk to us about our Custom Content Solutions. From individual articles to fully designed magazines, CTW can craft the specialty content you need while you focus on the big picture: generating revenue.

CTW tells great stories that engage audiences and deliver business results.  Custom content has always been a strategic part of what we do here.  Our articles in long and short form are original to capture the attention from niche to general audiences. From inception, CTW works with agencies and brands to pull together a team of subject matter experts to get the job done right.

Content couldn’t be more important these days online.  Google considers content as best practice for search engine optimization.  Search engine crawlers are constantly indexing to seek relevant content to boost your sites to the top of organic SERPs.  We work with you to produce killer content and then optimize the heck out of it.  And duplicative content does’t cut it.  You need original content relevant to its subject matter.  We’ve been doing this for years with an award winning team of producers.  We are the digital agency you can use to help you achieve business objectives both online and in print.

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