Why Your Media Group Needs to ‘Think Pink’ This Fall

15 Aug Why Your Media Group Needs to ‘Think Pink’ This Fall

We are officially approaching the fall months, and pink ribbons are starting to appear in local businesses and cause-related marketing messaging. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the content planning period begins now. In 2018, 252,710 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed, and patients, survivors and loved ones are searching for research, support and information. As October approaches, they’re turning to your media company for resources and commemoration of this important month.

Surviving Breast Cancer

Because the number of folks affected by breast cancer is consistently increasing, our editorial team conducted extensive research to provide a magazine containing the health and wellness information they need. Surviving Breast Cancer offers tips in areas such as finance, diet and overall healthy-living tips for this target market. Whether you are a local hospital or small-town grocery store, this 26-page magazine has stories that will establish thought leadership within the $679 billion health and wellness industry.

The Post and Courier newspaper in Charleston, South Carolina, marks breast cancer awareness month with a special partnership with the local Susan G. Komen chapter. The paper produces a special section for the nonprofit’s annual walk and expanded their pink campaign three years ago to include a weekly special coverage in the paper’s health section. The newspaper taps Content That Works’ “Surviving Breast Cancer” section to expand this initiative, publishing stories over several weeks with special advertising opportunities around them.

“Surviving Breast Cancer gives us quality, informative content for readers and provides us with a unique opportunity for advertisers,” says Lisa Ortiz, consumer marketing sales supervisor for The Post and Courier.

How can your media company join the cause?

Give your advertisers within the health and wellness industry the gift of thought leadership and credibility with well-researched, accurate content. This will help boost brand awareness and recognition for each organization.

Informative content is a go-to resource for people whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Your advertisers likely have a “give the people what they want” mentality, and for this specific market, what they want and need are quality resources that offer educated advice. Additionally, tapping into such a massive sector of the health and wellness market will unequivocally increase readership for your publication.

Offering breast cancer awareness content opens unlimited opportunities to partner with local businesses that provide health support to patients and survivors, as well as businesses that sponsor breast cancer research. On average, about $6 billion is spent on breast cancer research per year. Allow relevant content to open the door to partnering with companies dedicated to supporting this cause.

For more information on how we can help increase your health & wellness revenue through breast cancer awareness content, please contact us here.