Why should you map out your holiday content early?

28 Aug Why should you map out your holiday content early?

The holiday season is memorable for many reasons, but we certainly always remember holiday marketing campaigns. ‘Tis the season of buying and selling and what sells a product better than quality content marketing? The United States as a whole spends more than $465 billion on holiday gifts. With so many retailers making their holiday pitches, now’s the time for you to give them the gift of a great marketing campaign to help them wrap up deals.

Why begin the planning process months in advance?

The holiday season present many marketing opportunities right as business owners are slammed with customers, sales and new staff. Shoppers are also starting to budget and select gifts. According to the National Research Federation, 54 percent of consumers start researching holiday purchases before October.All these factors mean you need to building a campaign schedule for your clients that gives them a head start to reach the right audience. While it may seem premature to start thinking about your holiday content plan when it’s 80+ degrees out, quality content marketing takes time to implement.

Your competitors are starting the planning process now. If you don’t begin now, you’re going to be left with stocking stuffers while they take home the big gifts.

Building in as much time as possible optimize your holiday content effectively so that it reaches your target audience. Consumers are planners, so your advertisers need to be as well to get their message in front of shoppers early.

How can Content That Works contribute to your holiday content plan?

Our editorial team begins fleshing out our holiday content plan a year in advance because it takes time to properly research what consumers will need this season. From gift buying tips, to creative ways to decorate your homes, our goal is to deliver useful details and trends to provide your market with the information they need to be ready for the holiday.

Our first holiday magazine, Holiday Meal Planning, released on August 15. We have three more essential holiday magazines on the release radar:

Entertaining & Decorating: August, 29

Gift Guide: September 19

Family Fun Guide: September 26

For more information on how each of these magazines will drive more revenue for your business, please contact us for a free consult. We’re here to help you check off every item on your revenue wish list this season.