Looking for content for special sections, other publications

13 Jan Looking for content for special sections, other publications


Then you might not have to look any further than Content That Works. I know some, a few, of you are already using it so this is old news. But for those who haven’t looked around it, perhaps you will want to.

I ran across some information a few days ago and thought it was a website I should check out to give you guidance if you’re looking for special section materials or ideas. And soon after getting off the site, I got a call from Bob Gifford with Content That Works. He knew I had been on the site and wanted to know what I was looking for.

I explained that I was just trying to find materials of interest to KPA members. We talked for a few minutes and then emailed me additional information.

Here’s that portion of the information. If you’re looking for copy for special sections or just some ideas, check it out.

“With our new website we can react to your member content requests immediately.   Not to mention the variety with in the multiple platforms we represent…all based on original content.  Each story will contain a beginning, middle, end and quotes.  Copy and paste content acquisition is unacceptable at CTW.

“Encourage your member to connect with our website, go in and drive around a couple of the platforms.  My guess…they will quickly recognize stimulating and current features content, that will be of key interest to their readers.  My second guess…they understand the difficulty in producing the original content because of the limited editorial and reporting resources within today’s media organizations.


“The pricing for CTW magazine sections was reduced in 4 quarter 2013.  We now have a one-price system based on the number of magazines designated annually, within a Licensing Agreement.  There is no up-charge for use online.