Oh, the Places You Could Go with Kid Scoop!

03 Aug Oh, the Places You Could Go with Kid Scoop!

Kid Scoop Interview

Researched, Conducted and Edited by Carina Wingel

Diane Winnemuller is the publisher of The Northwest Daily News, Fort Walton Beach, Florida. She worked with local Rotary clubs to secure a $9.6K grant to help fund Kid Scoop News – a monthly kids’ magazine created by Content That Works. Her paper currently features Kid Scoop Weekly, and Diane saw this as a great opportunity to provide even more teacher-approved literacy materials for the children in her community. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with her about how she was able to achieve this success as well as her future plans for using Kid Scoop.


First off congratulations on receiving a $9600 grant from your local Rotary. That’s incredible! How did you make that happen?

Thank you! I am a Rotarian, formerly a president of my Rotary club in North Carolina, so I know firsthand what Rotary’s key focus areas are. Literacy is one of them. Kid Scoop can help Rotary clubs with their goal to increase literacy as well as be a great public relations tool for new member recruitment.

Instead of going to one of many clubs in our area, I felt the district would want to collaborate with each other to reach a common goal. Making a difference is an important tenet of Rotary.  A project of this caliber is something I knew Rotary could get behind and expand upon because Kid Scoop and Newspapers in Education offers so many opportunities like creating writing contests or community events.


Definitely seems like a great fit for both your paper and the Rotary organization.


I know you were already using Kid Scoop Weekly in your paper (thank you by the way) – what made you want to add the monthly Kid Scoop News?

Originally, I wanted to start a kids’ magazine. Kids’ content was not something our paper focused on and I thought Kid Scoop was quality content that gave teachers and families the resources they needed help teach math, science, reading, civics, and character. I wanted to create a magazine because I know that magazines stay in the home longer, which allows the parent more opportunities to interact with their child’s learning experience. I believe time spent together is vital and rewarding for both parent and child.  When a parent sits down with a child to complete puzzles and word problems it reinforces that learning can be fun and enriching. I suspect that we all have parents in our communities that will learn from the experience of reading and completing Kid Scoop News lessons.


True, I can’t tell you how many magazines I have from months ago still in my living room.

(Laughing) Exactly!


Is Kid Scoop News a humanitarian effort for you? Or do you expect to make money from it?

I am not sure I would say humanitarian, but literacy definitely has a special place in my heart, so both. We expect to cover some of our hard costs with sponsorships, and deposit the profits into our Newspapers in Education fund. Kid Scoop was a way we were able to help teachers. I have three siblings who are all former teachers and I remember watching them search for hours for resources and spend a lot of their own money on learning tools for the students. If we can help provide these resources for teachers to help educate our kids, I think it is better for our community.


Wow! So you obviously like Kid Scoop. Can you tell me why you like it so much?

The content is provoking for kids, which makes it such a good choice! Kid Scoop is very collaborative and willing to work with publishers on special topics for their area. The colors and graphics stand out really nicely from our black and white paper, popping off the page. I even see senior citizens using it as a brain builder because they like the puzzles and word searches. The presentation and content is quality, which is why we love it. Also working with Content That Works through any issues or needs has been a pleasant experience.


Thank you that is always good to hear


The collaboration is a big part of why we love Kid Scoop, so thank you!


If you were advising other publishers about whether or not to use Kid Scoop, what would you tell them?

I would tell them to do some research, read a Kid Scoop and reach out and talk to a representative at Content That Works. After doing that, I suggest you run the numbers and identify businesses that don’t spend money with you such as Rotary and other civic organizations. Kid Scoop offers a great opportunity to attract these organizations. It is an important part of our industry to reach out to others and provide quality content to our communities. Kid Scoop is quality content.


What is your next step with Kid Scoop?

My next step is to go to my superintendent of schools to explore how we might be able to incorporate Kid Scoop in the curriculum. This could be in the form of a summer activity book or an assignment that goes towards a book report as a grade. I think it important for every child to have access to Kid Scoop as a learning tool and I would like to see it become required material in helping kids learn to read.

Interested in learning more about Kid Scoop for your paper? Check out our website: http://www.kidscoop.com/ Email us here: http://www.kidscoop.com/contact-us/ or give us a call: 707-996-6077. We would love to hear from you!


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