It IS Personal, It’s Business

12 Apr It IS Personal, It’s Business

People like to say that business is not personal. Hogwash!

We spend more time working than virtually any other activity. Few things are more personal than what we do.

If you are the seller and your buyer says no, how can you not take that as personal rejection? If your employer lays you off due to “adverse conditions,” are you all understanding and forgiveness? Or do you wonder, “Why me?”

Recently, a client cancelled an agreement with us. This client never fulfilled their obligations under our agreement. We fulfilled every one of ours. Still, they blamed us.

In hindsight, this client did us a huge favor by canceling.  Still, their dishonesty was a personal affront.

It’s time to stop trying to pretend that “it’s not personal, it’s business.” Business is personal and ALL  about relationships.