Is Technology Destroying the Development of Creativity in Kids?

18 Jul Is Technology Destroying the Development of Creativity in Kids?

Remember playing outside? Creating stories and playing with other kids? I do and I am sad to rarely see that happening in today’s culture. Surrounded by technology kids are more interested in what is on screens than the people and environment around them. Technology is a big part of society today and a necessary skill to have, however how is this obsession with technology affecting kids’ creativity?

Pretend Play

Pretend play is found to be more valuable in brain development than electronic media. This includes in developing skills such as problem-solving, language, intelligence, and creativity (The Alberta Teachers’ Association). In fact a study researching young children’s play found kids less than 13 years old spend less than 30 minutes a week outside. Less than 30 minute a week! And the time spent with different types of electronic media? The average 8-10 year old spends close to 8 hours a day engaging with some type of electronic media (Pathways). Children’s playtime continues to decrease as a result of these social changes. Another positive of media free play, they know how to entertain themselves when the power goes out.


This technology takeover in play isn’t only affecting kid’s creativity but teenagers also. Social media and texting as the main communication worries experts about lowering self-esteem and increasing anxiety issues. Calling someone on the phone is described as “too intense” and scary from kids who are not use to direct communication (Child Mind Institute).  With key skills such as negotiators, interviews, and serious relationships requiring human interaction, this is a scary thought about the kids who are going to be our future leaders.


Even though I always felt like the uncool kid growing up who wasn’t allowed to play video games or have a TV in my room, I am now so thankful to my parents for putting these restrictions on me. I truly believe it is why I am not stuck to my phone 24/7 like so many of my friends. I acontribute the playtime I had to the reason as to why I wanted to be a marketer. To be creative, just like those games I would make up. So if you have young kids consider how much time you allow them to interact with technology, they may even thank you 23 years later.