Is Lack of Initiative Contributing to Your Collapse?

03 Jun Is Lack of Initiative Contributing to Your Collapse?

It is unclear what facts and experiences Tim Cavanaugh bases his comments in his Newspapers Still Exist blog post for the National Review Online.newspaperrevenues2013

However, his observation that ad revenue has dropped 60 percent while circulation of daily newspapers has dropped “only” 30 percent bears deep self-examination.

John Jones of Advantage Newspaper Consultants believes that lack of selling, in fact lack of sales people, is one of the biggest issues facing our industry. I think John is spot on.

Nothing happens until a sale is made.

Long-time IBM president, Tom Watson Sr., is credited with inventing the phrase above, but it was the late, great sales trainer, Zig Zigler who made it famous. It is so true: Nothing does happen until a sale is made. Selling is the foundation that every company is built upon.

As an industry we need to start selling. Otherwise there is no hope of reversing the trends shown in the widely circulated chart above.


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