Invest In What You Can Be Best In

19 Sep Invest In What You Can Be Best In

168814493“This is the hardest thing I have ever done,” admitted Clark Gilbert at the end of his keynote address at yesterday’s Local Media Association Fall Conference.

Give the academic-turned-CEO of Deseret Digital Media & Deseret News credit for  honesty.

In general this conference has been upbeat, positive, chock full of ideas and obsessed with ways to make money, mostly from digital efforts.

In that context, Gilbert also deserves credit for standing alone among the speakers to stress the importance of serving his community.

He urged the audience to “invest in what you can be best in.” He explained that his organization is focused in six areas where they think they can be “best in the world.”

  • Strengthening the family
  • Faith in the community
  • Care for the poor
  • Values in the media
  • Excellence in education
  • Financial responsibility

His journalists focus on these topics whether covering the legislature or investigating the state of children in America. Gilbert believes that, in these areas, his coverage will beat the New York Times and every other media outlet – hands down, every time.

That’s one reason the Deseret News was the fastest growing newspaper in America in 2012.

Today it is rare to hear anyone in our business talk about the importance of reporting that helps readers and lifts up the community. Whether or not you buy in to the importance of the Deseret News’ chosen areas of concentration, it is refreshing to hear a CEO talk about investing in journalism not just just chasing digital dimes.