How to capture your local real estate revenue

22 Mar How to capture your local real estate revenue

The real estate industry’s rebound is no secret. In the U.S., real estate agents and brokers spent an estimated $8.9 billion on residential advertising in 2015, according to one real estate news source.

Beyond advertising dollars, marketing and promotions spending is also critical to local agents, builders and rental companies in your market as they target potential customers and search for leads.

At a glance, here are some of the top trends in the real estate sector:

How do media companies fit in with local real estate businesses’ spend? Your audience includes buyers, sellers and renters looking for the right place to call home. With content geared toward real estate and home, you can create the ideal space for customers to also learn about agents and real estate professionals. From weekly sections to periodic magazines, special publications focusing on real estate can connect your audience with the latest trends in home improvement, real estate buying and local pros eager to meet their needs.

Content That Works offers two weekly sections, Real Estate and HomeStyle, geared toward real estate and home industries, as well as quarterly special sections. The San Diego Union-Tribune uses both products to boost their special sections.

“Weekly HomeStyle articles, which offer ‘Top 5’-type quick takeaways for busy readers, have been our go-to for weekly real estate print products,” says Martha Lynch, senior copy editor for The San Diego Union-Tribune.

“We find that CTW’s ready-to-go seasonal sections on home and garden/home improvement pair well with our glossy monthly magazine products, which target high-income demographic areas. In addition, their customer service and response time have been superb.”

Newspapers and other media outlets can pump up their special sections with engaging, local sponsored content. At The Post and Courier in Charleston, South Carolina, the Saturday Special Advertising Real Estate Section featured sponsored cover stories from builders and real estate agents. Quality sponsored content can introduce your customers to their target audience, building their reputation and promote their services through storytelling. Offering this advertising solution is critical when 70% of consumers say they prefer to learn about a product or service through articles rather than traditional advertising, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

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