I’ll take one good follower over 40 mediocre.

12 Sep I’ll take one good follower over 40 mediocre.

“Quality over quantity” is preached in this industry as the better business model.It’s true, however, that we still use analytics every day to track quantity — quantity of followers, quantity of comments, etc. That sad thing is we do this to each other, like the automated Instagram post which has a robot like, comment and follow users in order to gain additional followers. You know who you are, and we do, too. (It’s quite obvious.) Maybe you have 400 followers compared to my 50, but how many of those are quality leads? How many are real people engaging with your content? In the end, the company with the smaller quantity may have the higher number when it comes to quality.

Quality over quantity is no new concept.

It’s been around in the retail business for decades: Buy this $300 dollar pair of boots that will last you 10+ years, versus the $75 pair that may survive a year max. Nothing in social media lasts that long, of course — it would be equivalent to something trending for a few days or (on some platforms) a few hours. Social media is still a fairly new field, something that we are all still learning as it evolves. Social media is also used mostly for brand awareness and does at times lead to conversions or profits, but its main purpose is to connect with your audience and engage in topical conversations. Don’t always try to sell to them. Instead, be seen as a leader in your industry by sharing content that is both engaging and useful. Doing this leads to a quality audience following you. This may convert into revenue later on, because your audience will remember an article you wrote that helped them and see you as a leader for that type of service.

Doing this can be a challenge.

Believe me — after all, I market marketing content. (Yes, reread that.) It is tricky to do and has been a learning experience, since I’m coming from the B2C side where I had a physical product to sell. Snapchat would be so much easier with a physical product! However, there are a lot of great examples of B2B doing awesome work with Snapchat and Instagram. If you are thinking of exploring the Snapchat world, I would recommend finding those leaders in your industry and following them. It will help you find the arena that is appropriate for your business and get those creative juices flowing.

Gaining quality leads can be a challenge if you have a manager who just wants to see the numbers and large increases. A way you can counteract this is by showing the quality of your leads. Namedrop a few and mention the source you used to gain them. A great way to find these types of followers is by participating in industry-related Twitter chats. Not only do I learn something new in the industry from the speaker and participants, but I get to engage and share knowledge which helps cement our brand as a knowledgeable leader in the industry. One of my favorite quotes from singer Beverly Sills, who said, “There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.” In social media it may take a while to build a quality audience, but in the end it will be worth having an audience who is relevant to your business.

Any time I hear the word “mediocre,” this song starts jamming in my head, so have a happy Monday jamming out to this!


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