'I Shop Locally': An Idea to Borrow

18 Jul 'I Shop Locally': An Idea to Borrow

The Parkersburg (WV) News and Sentinel joined forces with more than 30 local businesses to launch a new “I Shop Locally” program.

“It’s a frequent shopper card designed to help local merchants do more business and generate customer loyalty,” explained James Spanner. “We’ve signed up 30 merchants. They stamp the cards when people come in to make purchases. If a consumer gets three stamps a month, they participate in a drawing for $500.”

CTW likes this idea for its easy execution and low cost compared to the potentially high impact. It’s a great way to support merchants on Main Street.

The CTW team also is working hard to make the upcoming holiday selling season the biggest ever with a bevy of new ideas. For example, the first ever Holiday Meal Planner, an additional 8-page insert of recipes complete with a clip-and-carry grocery list, which allows for a major sponsorship.

Take a page from the News and Sentinel ‘I Shop Locally’ playbook, add great holiday content from CTW and help your merchants keep business home for the holidays this year.